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Congratulations to our Dolphin Scholars of the week!

December 7-11, 2020
Aidan A.
Reginald J.
Kyndall B.
Maryania B.
Amerikka T.
Jannie C.
Nathaniel B.
Jarius T.
Jenaah H.
Robert Y.
November Star Dolphins :

Rihanna R. - 6th
Ryan F. - 7th
Dejuan J. - 6th
Caleb H-P. - 8th
Angelo N. - 7th

November 9-13, 2020
Malik M.
Reginald J.
Amirah B.
Sadik M.
Ryleigh L.
Rihanna R.
Brianna M.
Jashaun J.
Javion J.
Maalik W.
Toby R.
Jayden C.
Alexis M.
Robert Y.
Maya R.
Seamus Q.
Mekhi P.
Abdillahi H.
Ronita H.
Jai'Cion A.
Caleb H-P.
Nahiyah W.
Congratulations! November 16-20, 2020
Tianna G.
Jovon S.
Terry C.
Ryan F.
Jeriyah T.
Markayla G.
Jeremiah J.
Jeremiah H.
Keniyah B.
Samiyah G.
Autumn S.
Amir G.
Makiya R.
Jacquise S.
Azaria J.
Alexandra R
Terence S.
Safiya A.
William W.
Cameryn J.
Makayla M.
Kevin W.
Walter P.
Congratulations! October Star Dolphins :

Maidelin H-A. - 6th
Emily M. - 8th
Mariah M-G. - 8th
Malik M. - 6th
Myah N. - 7th
Janese W. - 7th

October 26-30, 2020
Anderson C-G.
Parshna R.
Maurice B.
Emily M.
Mariah M.G.
David H.
Jayden B.
Sophia W.
Alexis S.
Julian G-P.
Carter C.
Niara F.
Carluan N.
Makayla C.
Marlon R.
Maidelin H-A.
Mikaylah S.
Marissa H.
Haley R.
Dejuan J.
Shawn W.
Todree J.
Kamya P.
Nicholas H.
Tajjay T.
Tajhi T.
Congratulations! November 30-December 4, 2020
Aidan A.
Farah A.
Jayla P.
Zion T.
Kamiya M.
Jmalik B.
India O.
Samya F.
Joseph T.
Robert Y.
Mariah T.
Mariah T.
Daya J.
Tajjay T.


  • Virtual Learning Update

    Fundraiser Flyer

         Parent Family Engagement Policy 2020




    File:Youtube(amin).png - Wikimedia Commons

    Want some training on everything iPad and Microsoft? Have a question about something specific and need a tutorial? Look no further! Check out this SLPS playlist on Youtube by clicking the play button above to see all the tutorials we have available for you!

    Hi everyone, I would like to take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Sara Lopez and I'm part of HEC Talent Search AKA TRIO.  I am inviting you to apply for this FREE college prep program.  We work with kids from 6th grade thru 12th grade.  Currently we have virtual programs such as a monthly book club, Spanish Club and Math tutoring for starters.  Once things go back to "normal" we plan to continue with college tours both locally and out of town among other activities.  Everything that we do is during the school day but there may be an occasional event that will take place after school hours.  If you're in TRIO already YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY AGAIN.  If you have any questions about enrolling, please feel free to email me at:  
    You can also text me at: 314-648-5887   please allow up to 48 hrs. for a response.
    I look forward to working with your kids and family during their educational career and seeing them succeed.  Take care of yourselves during this pandemic and feel reach to reach out with any questions or concerns. 


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    For Tech Help with your iPad,
    please e-mail


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    compton drew Ext        5130 Oakland
           St. Louis, MO 63110
           Office 314-652-9282
           Fax 314-244-1756
           Principal: Shaire Duncan
           Hours: 7:10am - 2:07pm
           Grades: 6-8

                                                                 Click HERE for a map.



Principal's Corner

Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: Compton-Drew ILC Middle School will foster a learning community through collaboration of teacher facilitated and student directed life-long learning. Our community will celebrate diversity through inclusionary representations of all societal elements. We will engage our young citizens for active lives in a democratic society, fostering leadership and respect for individual cultural values.

    Our Vision:  We are dedicated to developing life-long learners, who succeed ethically in a global society.


Open House

  • Compton-Drew Main Floor Virtual Open House


    Compton-Drew Floors 1-3 Virtual Open House

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.



  • Click on Links Below to download Physical Form

    New Per Participation Physical Form

    Physical Exam


    New Vaccination Required! Before our 7th grade and 11th grade students start 8th and 12th grade, they must receive a vaccine against meningitis, an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. 


    Students entering 8th grade must also receive the Tdap vaccine, so parents can get them done during the same visit to the doctor. If your student going into the 12th grade received the first meningitis immunization at age 16 or later, a second one will not be needed. Otherwise, two are required for 12th grade students. Please have this immunization done as soon as possible, and make sure your School Nurse receives a copy. Please contact your School Nurse or the Nurse Coordinator at 314-345-4401 for questions.





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