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Data Snapshot 2020-2021

Data Snapshot 2020-2021

DESE Letter to Students

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Welcome to Gateway

  • Gateway STEM High School

    GatewaySTEM Ext        5101 McRee
           St. Louis, MO 63110
           Office: 314.776.3300
           FAX: 314.244.1779
           Principal: Dr. Amy Phillips
           Hours: 7:10 - 2:07 (Virtual Hours 8:00-3:22)
    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019       Grades: 9-12

           Click HERE for a map

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Principal's Corner

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    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Growing up, I admired my family’s love for education.  My grandmother was a school cook and my mother was a special education teacher.  In fact, when I wasn’t attending school myself or participating in school related activities, I was in my mother’s classroom working independently with children who had special needs.  I began as a volunteer tutor as I completed my high school course work and earned what would amount to an associate’s degree in child development through dual credit courses at the local junior college. 

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019I then attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where I was a member of the cross-country and track teams. I completed my student teaching at Highland High School in Highland, Illinois and graduated in the winter of 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication Education and a minor in English. 

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019In 1998, I accepted a job with the Ritenour School District as a teacher in their alternative school.  I worked with 4-12th grade students who were struggling in the traditional school setting. 

    In 1999, I was given an opportunity to run a YMCA facility in the city, and so I left the alternative school to work with children and adults of all ages to build not just their minds, but their body and spirit as well. 

    In 2000, I left the YMCA to accept my first “real” teaching job, teaching Speech, English and Theatre for the Bayless School District in St. Louis, Missouri.  Part of my assignment there included directing 2 plays a year, cheerleading coach, senior class sponsor, drama club sponsor, pep club sponsor, professional development district secretary, curriculum writing, Renaissance sponsor, hospitality committee chair, and a conglamorance of other duties that are inherently assigned to young teachers. 

    In the meantime, I completed my master’s degree in educational administration through Southwest Baptist University. 

    In 2002, the Bayless School District created an athletic director position for me that would compliment my experiences in college athletics, the YMCA and educating kids.  I completed those responsibilities part time and continued to teach part time.  I also found time to teach as part of the adjunct faculty at Sanford Brown College. 

    The following year, I accepted an administrative position with the Hillsboro School District in Hillsboro, Missouri where I spent three years serving as a Building Principal, Assistant Principal, and Activities Director for the District.

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019While there, I completed my Specialist Degree in Superintendency with Southwest Baptist University and finished all of the coursework needed to complete my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership through UMSL.

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019In 2006, I accepted a position in the St Louis Public School District as Principal at the Williams Ninth Grade Academy. I spent two years there creating a world renowned ninth grade program until the district closed the facility due to lack of funding.

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019In 2008, I moved into a central office position working as an assistant to the superintendent in the capacity of director of recruitment and student placement.  This provided me with an extensive background in the magnet school programs and their benefit to the SLPS.

    In 2009, I was given a very challenging yet rewarding opportunity to turn around a struggling magnet school.  At Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, I had the distinct pleasure of utilizing the arts to help motivate and cultivate the minds of hundreds of young people to achieve academic greatness as well as inherent creative talent.  CVPA graduated numerous talents who went on to find artistic success while we also became the 25th best High School in the state.

    While there, I also oversaw 5 other schools as a support principal and somehow still found the time to start another doctoral program with Missouri Baptist and earned my terminal degree in 2011.

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019In 2015, I was asked to take another Central Office position as a Network Superintendent overseeing the middle and high schools. I was charged with the mission-critical task of setting and meeting academic standards, developing instructional resources and creating best-in-class educational offerings that address the needs of the district’s students.

    I have been honored to be selected as the recipient of the Peabody Leaders in Education Award, the Teach for America Principal of the Year Award and the Pettus Principal Award during my time with the St. Louis Public Schools. I hold an MS and Ed. S in Education Administration from Southwest Baptist University and Ed .D in Education Leadership from Missouri Baptist University.

    Outside of my work with SLPS, I enjoy serving as an adjunct professor for Lindenwood University’s Educational Administration Program and spending time with my 3 children: Ryder, age 5; Beckem and Bentley, (twins) age 3.

    As you can see, the past twenty-one years have provided me with a wealth of experience in education.  None of which, however, could completely prepare me for the challenges ahead.  Education is a very fluid profession and as the needs of children change, so will I as an educator and leader. I look forward to working with the students and parents at Gateway STEM.

Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: Science, technology, engineering, and math: Embracing diversity and inspiring critical thinking through innovative career and college pathways.

    Our Vision:Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019 Empowering diverse career and college ready innovators to evolve with the world. Learners today. Leaders tomorrow!




  • Gateway STEM High School Exam Schedule

    In preparation for semester exams, please review the following information:

    Monday 12/14 - 1st and 2nd Block Exams/3rd and 4th Block Review

    Tuesday 12/15 - 5th and 6th Block Exams/7th and 8th Block Review

    Wednesday 12/16 - 3rd and 4th Block Exams- ½ Day

    Thursday 12/17 - 7th and 8th Block Exams- ½ Day

    Friday 12/18 - Records Day


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  • Gateway STEM Welcomes Virtual Learning beginning August 31st!

    What is Virtual Learning?     Students will receive their lessons virtually beginning August 31st.  Here are the details:

    TECH: Every student will be issued a device for virtual learning. Students in grades 9-12 will receive a Dell laptop. Distribution will be August 27-28. Hotspots will also be provided to families that indicated they needed one to access the internet.

    SUPPLIES: School supplies needed to start the school year will be provided. (Folder, notebook, pencils, pens, highlighter, etc.)

    HOURS: Virtual learning will be held daily, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 3pm, with the exception of holidays or professional development days. Reference the 2020-2021 SLPS academic calendar for details:

    FORMAT: Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019SLPS will use Microsoft Teams as its virtual learning platform. The format will be a roughly 50-50 mix of synchronous instruction (virtual face-to-face class meetings, direct instruction, collaboration, discussion and intervention) and asynchronous instruction (independent work).


    Teacher Workday: 8:00-3:22                                  Virtual School Day: 8:30-3:00

    3 Hours Synchronous Instruction                                    3 Hours Asynchronous Instruction

    ASSIGNMENTS:Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019 An overview of each week's lessons, along with links to the Microsoft Teams classrooms, can be accessed on your teacher's website.

    BREAKS: The day will be oriented, so students have brain breaks, bio breaks and lunch/snack breaks. 

    LOGGING IN: Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Parents/guardians can obtain their student's username and password from their student, their student's teacher, Mr. Bova, their alpha assigned counselor or their alpha assigned assistant principal. (These were provided at registration.)

    TECH SUPPORT: For technology-related issues on District devices, contact the IT Help Desk at 314-345-5656 or email phillip.bova@slps.orgPhần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019 . On-site training and printouts will also be available at the school and on our website. 

    How will I know how my student is doing?  Log on to the parent portal.  Parents with access to the parent portal can view their student’s attendance, grades and discipline in real time as it is entered into our student database.       If you need access, please contact for more information.

    How Can I get Help with Virtual Learning as a Parent? The Parent Virtual Learning Resources page link:

    What if my student doesn’t have access to technology? Students can complete work from the continuous learning kits the district provides each month. The link to the September 2020 Continuous Learning Kits is live:

    What if I still have questions?Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019 Using the reference sheet below, you can contact staff via email.

    For Questions About:                                                   

    A course, assignment or resource                                The Teacher (Contact info listed on their webpage)

    A technology related problem or issue          or

    A personal, academic or social-emotional concern   or

    Senior activities or senior dues                        

    College applications, scholarships                    (Last Names A-K) philip.layfield@slps.orgPhần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019 (Last Names L-Z)

     ParentPortal                                                                   christopher.thurmond@slps.orgPhần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019              

    For all other questions, please contact your alphabetically assigned administrator or counselor :

    Counselor Last Names A-D                                

    Assistant Principal Last Names A-F                 

    Counselor Last Names E-K                                

    Assistant Principal Last Names G-M              

    Counselor Last Names L-R                                  

    Assistant Principal Last Names N-Z                 

    Counselor Last Names S-Z                                  


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    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Click the Jaguar logo to view the promotional video for Gateway STEM! 

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Please subscribe to our YouTube channel! 


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  • Gateway STEM Social! 


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  • Best High Schools

    Gateway High is ranked 37th within Missouri. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Gateway High is 42 percent. Click the link below for more information:

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