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Welcome to Clyde C. Miller

    Welcome To CA
    1000 N. Grand Blvd.
    St. Louis, MO 63106
    Main Office Phone: (314) 371-0394
    Main Office Fax (314) 371-0394 / (314) 244-1747
    Help Desk for Technical Support: (314) 345-5656
    Principal: Dr. Jana Haywood
    Hours: 7:10am - 2:07pm
    Grades: 9-12 
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Principal's Corner

  • Welcome to the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy Principal's Corner




    Dear Career Academy Families:

    School starts August 31st!  We are busy getting ready to launch the best school year ever.   As we all embark into this never seen before terrain, I encourage you to embrace the limitless possibilities of greatness that are available to us all.  Staff are busy learning best practices for virtual learning and how to best utilize the technology/platforms for instruction.  Here are a few tips to assist you with making the start of the year a huge success:

    • Check your email, school website, and social media regularly for updates.
    • Set schedules (bedtimes, study time, reading time, meals, recreation, etc.). Many of us have not followed a rigid schedule for some time so this will be an adjustment.  School will be in session from 8:15am-3:12pm each day for learners.  The “bell schedule” will be distributed during the technology pick-up and posted on our website for your convenience.
    • Create a learning space in your home that is designated solely for school time. Limiting distractions for the learner will help them to focus and engage with the teacher and peers.  It is also beneficial to signal in the brain a separation of school and home.
    • Start each day by taking a deep breath. Deep inhales and exhales throughout the day can relieve stress.  Staying calm, offering grace and practicing humility will take us all a long way.

    Virtual Learning

    We will use a blended learning model with Microsoft Teams being the main platform for virtual learning.  What is blended learning?  Blended learning provides synchronous learning and asynchronous learning to better aid all learners.  Synchronous learning will allow students to receive real time instruction from their teachers and ask any questions they may have in mastering content.  Asynchronous will be additional support and resources to assist students when they need a reference point to refer back or clarify misunderstandings.  Students and teachers will receive a technology break in between classes. Teachers will list assignments on the Microsoft Teams platform as well as their webpages for parent access.  All grades will be recorded in SIS (Student Information System).  Parents will be able to sign up for parent portal access via SIS and you will be able to monitor grades and attendance for your student.  Teachers will enter at least 2 grades per week in SIS.

    If you have any questions regarding your student’s academic progress you are able to email teachers and/or administration with questions.  You should receive a response within 48 hours of your email.  If you do not receive a response, please follow up with a call to make certain the email did not go to spam.  Student attendance will be monitored and tracked daily to make certain that students are engaged and no additional support from the school is needed during virtual learning. 




    Still WE Rise,



    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Jana Haywood, EdD



Come Visit Us



    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Thank you for your interest in Clyde C. Miller Career Academy High School.  We serve 500 students in grades 9 through 12 and are located in the Grand Center Arts District of Saint Louis.  Clyde C. Miller Career Academy High School is focused on ensuring that “Every Student is Career and College Ready”.  The Grand Center Arts District, located in midtown St. Louis, is full of many cultural venues including the Fox Theatre, Powell Symphony Hall, Jazz at the Bistro and Forest Park. In addition, the school is just a few minutes from downtown St. Louis, Busch Stadium, The St. Louis Aquarium, St. Louis Arch and much more.

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019Clyde C. Miller Career Academy High School is a place for families to choose for the chance of a lifetime for their student.  The staff, both academic and career technical, are exceptional in their respective fields.  From previous careers ranging from engineering to hospitality/culinary, you can expect nothing but the best from the staff at Career Academy.  Career Academy offers 10 career pathways for students to choose from.  The culminating experience is an internship during the senior year. 

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019While being challenged in the classroom, there are many other opportunities to make your child’s high school experience a fantastic one.  We have an amazing athletic department, a chapter of the National Honor Society, SkillsUSA, a rigorous Advanced Placement program, a strong partnership with Gateway GIS, and many other excellent opportunities.

    Phần thưởng đổi thưởng trò chơi 2019If you are interested in a tour, feel free to contact the school to schedule one.  

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